Custom Services

Custom Services team of engineers has the capability to develop and fabricate custom TEM grids and other suspended-membrane chips to meet your unique specifications. 

Capabilities Include:

  • 100 - 400 micron thick silicon frames
  • Frame geometries from standard 2.9 mm TEM grids to 5 x 5 mm chips (and larger)
  • Windows of 0.025 - 2.5 mm, depending on membrane types
  • Membranes of pure silicon, silicon nitride, or silicon oxide from 5 - 200 nm thick
  • Metal films and patterns on membranes

Micrometer-sized, etched features within membranes



Recent examples include:

2.9 mm TEM Grids with 30 nm silicon nitride membranes and 25 micron and 50 micron square windows - produced for the Riken Research Institute in Japan

5 x 5 mm chips with 125 nm sputtered silicon oxide membranes on 1 x 2.5 mm openings - produced for the Max-Planck Institute in Germany



Please contact if you have any specialized grid requirements,we will be happy to work with the manufacturer to provide feedback on potential solutions.

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