DUMONT, a well-known name(brand) not only in Switzerland but around the world. It started out only to manufacture precision tools designed for watch making back in 1881 by the founder, Arnold Dumont. Now, it has tools for different applications which are mainly classified into the following categories:



- High precision industry (watch making),

- Electronics & Microelectronics,

- Biology & microscopy superfine tips,

- Medical

- Cosmetics


With more than 3000 kinds of tweezers made from high-tech steels and alloys and with the experiences gathered in 5 generations, Dumont tweezers are considered the best in the market.


Today Dumont still preserves its character as a purely family company with Richard and David Sgobero leading the company. The young and capable company Directors, equipped with knowledge & possibilities offered by modern technology, it will not be long that the brothers will once again push the established production skills in the precision tools making to a new height.


OctaLAB is pleased to be the Authorized and Official distributors of DUMONT tweezers in Asia.


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