Pure Silicon UltraSM® TEMwindows


The unique combination of enabling features and benefits ,

  • Nanometer Thinness: thinner than the thinnest available carbon grids
  • Plasma Cleanable: unlike carbon grids, can vigorously plasma clean to remove organic contamination
  • Uniformity: reduced field-to-field variability
  • Reduced Chromatic Blur: half the chromatic blur of carbon grids
  • Nanometer-Scale Pores: allow stable suspension of nanoscale materials for imaging without background
  • Silicon Composition: sputter-deposited, pure, intrinsic silicon
  • Increased Stability: at high beam currents and high annealing temperatures
  • Minimal Background Signal: enables elemental analyses of samples containing nitrogen and/or carbon
 TEMwindows.com offers Pure Silicon UltraSM® in nine square windows and two slot format. The 200µm grid thickness will have the option of 15nm(porous & non-porous) , 9nm and 5nm film thickness.  Similarly, non-porous 5nm, 9nm & 15nm films thickness are available for 100µm grid thickness.

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