ASTAR  -  Automatic phase and orientation mapping for TEM

-   ASTAR  can easily be retrofitted to any (old  or  new) 100- 400 kV TEM
-   TEM based  technique  similar  to  EBSD  for  SEM (with  much  higher  resolution  details)
-   Perform  detailed  orientation  maps  (Orientation  resol < 1º , < 5  nm step size) for  metals, ceramics , semiconductors  and   any  type of  diffracting  material, any crystal  symmetry, no sample  preparation
-   Perform  detailed  crystal  phase maps  (resolution  <  5  nm -TEM FEG , < 25 nm - LaB6 TEM)
-   Ultra-fast  data acquisition   (< 5 min ) (e.g. 5x 5 microns, 500 x 500 points)  with  CCD camera
-   Scanning in  combination  with precession  for  accurate  orientation and  phase maps
-   Generation of  simulated  ED patterns (templates)  for  all  possible  crystal  symmetries and comparison  with  experimental  ED patterns via cross – correlation  techniques. to retrieve  accurate phase  and  orientation maps  (any crystal  symmetry)

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