InfraRED Chamberscopes

It is impossible to monitor the position of the detector relative to the specimens or vice versa, inside the SEM when it is in operation, something that is vital not only to achieve the best possible results, but also to prevent damage to expensive equipment. Surveillance equipment is therefore essential in the form of ‘in-chamber’ cameras. K.E. Developments has a range of ‘chamberscope’ cameras for use with most makes of SEM, which use low levels of infra red illumination not normally detected by the SEM detector, thereby allowing simultaneous operation.









 The INFRARED CHAMBERSCOPE GW (General Workhorse) is the new compact low-cost entry-level product in the K.E.Developments range of Optical Surveillance Products (OSPs). Designed for optimum use with both Hitachi & JEOL SEMs the system can also be used with other SEMs with a suitable port in line with the field of view. The system is intended for continuous monitoring of the inside of the SEM’s specimen chamber. This new design offers a compact low-profile camera and IR illumination assembly to minimize conflict with other accessories. A new airside infrared source is mounted directly to the metal work, allowing much higher light levels to be obtained without overheating the source.


Many research SEMs are now equipped with a variety of detectors and other accessories and physical conflict is often a major problem. The continuous view provided by the Chamberscope on its compact LCD screen clearly shows detector, lens and manipulator positions with respect to the specimen, enabling the operator to avoid possible damage.




Advantage of infrared chamberscope GW


· Compact Design

· Low Cost

· Continuous monitoring of the interior of the specimen chamber

· I-R Illumination can be used with SEM operating

· Considerably speeds up specimen exchange








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INFRARED CHAMBERSCOPE 25 is similar to the well established Infrared Chamberscope. With a mounting hole of just 25mm the system is designed to be mounted on the smallest of ports. Its demountable camera head ensures the availability of all of the benefits of a Chamberscope system even when a port in direct line with the specimen is not available. The use of a television camera to give a clear view inside the SEM’s chamber has revolutionised the way that modern SEM’s, are operated, by giving confidence to the operator when moving the specimen and inserting detectors. In particular, specimen exchanges are considerably speeded up, as the specimen can be brought into the operating position during the vacuum pumping period. There is no longer any need to set the specimen

low, just in case it should collide with something, then readjust again to find the actual working distance once the beam is switched on.


INFRARED CHAMBERSCOPE 25 may be used continuously, even with the SEM operating, giving that extra degree of confidence. Whilst SE and scintillator detectors are unaffected, certain detectors such as solid-state backscatter and EDX, may be infrared sensitive, and in cases where these are to be used, the illumination level may be reduced or turned off completely. INFRARED CHAMBERSCOPE 25 is designed with its lens, CCD chip and IR illuminators inside the chamber. These parts are normally mounted on a swivel head giving either up/down or left/right adjustment. If this proves insufficient to achieve the desired view, the camera head may be demounted and positioned virtually anywhere in the chamber so that the required view can be achieved.



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