Fastscan F114 / F114T / F114NX / F114TR



FastScan-F114 represents a new generation of CCD cameras combining the superior quality of a slow scan CCD camera with the fast frame rate of a video camera. Various mechanical designs make it suitable to almost all TEMs, even when using various accessories such as PEELS, post-column energy filters, STEM detectors or wide-angle cameras. The frame transfer CCD chip allows the FastScan-F114 to operate without beam shutter.  


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FastScan F214 / F214T

Fastscan CCD Camera (2k x 2k, 14µm, 14 bit camera, optional 2:1 taper fibre optics)

TVIPS FastScan-214 is a 2k x 2k bottom mounted, on-axis camera with an active area of 28 mm x 28 mm. It has the option of 2:1 taper fibre-optics to extend the field of view to approximately 60.2 x 60.2 mm2 on the scintilator. It is the perfect solution for demanding applications in biology and materials science. The full frame CCD with optimized electronics, is able to transfer images at approximately 2~3 frames/sec. A high quality 14 bit analog-to-digital converter makes this camera an excellent solution for all types of applications, requiring high dynamic range. Resolution and sensitivity can be customized for high tensions from 100kV to 400kV.


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TemCam F224HD


TemCam-F224HD is a 2k x 2k pixel camera with pixel size of 24µm an image area of 49 x 49 mm². It is one of the largest 2K x 2K cameras in the market in term of its area of coverage. With ultra high sensitivity, this camera is the perfect solution for applications in materials science and life sciences, requiring maximum dynamic range and ultimate low dose capabilities.

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TemCam F415MP

TemCam-F415MP has a single chip CCD with 4096 x 4096 pixels and a pixel size of 15µm. This multi-port (4 x 1 Mpixel/sec) readout camera covers a dimension of  61 x 61 mm², which have been limited to film so far. Data is transferred from camera to PC via a PCI interface and achieving a single frame at 6sec. It is one of the fastest in its class. High quality 16 bit analog-to-digital converters guarantee maximum performance. It is the perfect solution for all kinds of applications in materials science and life sciences.

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TemCam F416



The latest 16 MegaPixel camera, covering an image area of 64 x 64 mm2. Custom designed CMOS architecture resulting in a large fill factor, high sensitivity and superior resolution combines the advantages of classical slow scan 4k CCD cameras with an exceptional acquisition speed. The CMOS sensor, showing absolutely no blooming or smearing on intensive illumination and the high quality 16 bit analog-to-digital converter, makes this camera an excellent choice for all types of applications requiring high dynamic range, such as for the acquisition of diffraction patterns.

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TemCam F816


TemCam-F816 is the first digital camera with a larger image area than film. With its impressive area of 128 x 128 mm² and ultra-high resolution of 8192 x 8192 pixel the F816 surpasses the performance of film. It is the ultimate solution for applications in materials science and life sciences. 

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Electron Tomography

Automated Electron Tomography package

Electron tomography is a powerful tool to obtain three-dimensional (3-D) structural information in materials science and life sciences. A set of 2-D projections of an object recorded at different tilt angles is used for calculating the 3-D reconstruction.

TVIPS GmbH has developed a software solution for automatic TEM alignment and acquisition of tomographic tilt series which is compatible with nearly all TEMs equipped with remote control and computer-controlled goniometer. This system includes tools for automatic focusing. A tracking routine compensates for tilt or drift induced image shifts for each projection. A lowdose utility for all alignment procedures minimizes the electron dose applied to the specimen as all corrections can be performed on adjacent areas. Thus, the area of interest is merely exposed to the dose intended for the image acquisition.

Exemplary applications


• Cellular tomography:

imaging the interior of entire cells


• Molecular tomography:

structural information of supramolecular complexes


• Cytochemistry:

3-D localization of gold labels


• Materials science:

catalyst particles, nano tubes


• Semiconductor research:

contact holes, interconnect lines

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Automated data acquisition and data analysis software for Energy-filtered TEM

EM-SPECTRΩ has been developed for Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) equipped with an in-column energy filter. This software module facilitates acquisition and processing of energyfiltered image series (EFTEM) and electron energy loss spectra (EELS). The user friendly interface of EM-SPECTRΩ enables an intuitive and comfortable operation in both imaging and spectroscopy mode.




• Zero-loss

• Plasmon

• Element mapping including:

2-Windows method, 3-Windows method,

White-Line method

• Energy-filtered image series

• Thickness mapping

• Color mapping



Advanced data processing module rincluding tools for spectra analysis:

• Fourier filtering (low-pass and high-pass)

• Fourier deconvolutions (ratio, log)

• Different background models (Power law, Shirley, Exponential, Linear)

• Derivation, integration, smoothing, mathematical fitting etc.

• Fourier transformation


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