QUANTIFOIL® is a perforated support foil with a pre-defined hole size, shape and arrangement. It has advantages in low dose and cryo electron microscopy (EM) or low-energy electron point source (LEEPS) microscopy when compared with conventional holey film.
QUANTIFOIL® support films are produced using technologies that are protected by internationally issued patents and is offered with circular and square, orthogonally arranged holes. Films with different hole sizes and bar widths are available.

Quantifoil Holely Carbon


Quantifoil Carbon and Formvar®/Carbon films

Carbon and Formvar®/Carbon films

Formvar®/Carbon films are Formvar coated grids covered with a thin layer of carbon (2-4 nm). These films are mechanically more stable than pure carbon films.

On the other hand, in comparison to Formvar films they are more stable in the electron beam. This is due to the better electrical and heat conduction.

The Formvar®/Carbon films give ideal support for objects like ultra thin sections.

The thickness of our pure carbon films depends on the mesh size and ranges between 10 and 20 nm. In spite of the thin carbon layer, the carbon films show only slight wrinkles.



 Picture of a flat Carbon Film.

 In the case that a support with Formvar is undesired or if one wants to have a measure we can provide a Carbon film supported with, e.g., QUANTIFOIL® S 7/2 holey carbon film.