Spicer Consulting has built a world-wide reputation in magnetic field cancelling for Scanning Electron Microscopes and similar instuments.

Today, working with equipment manufacturers and users alike, the company is recognised as an industry expert in maximising the performance of electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, CD metrology and focussed ion beam tools.

Spicer Consulting magnetic field cancelling systems protect sensitive equipment in the world’s leading laboratories, universities and semiconductor manufacturing plants, as well as in the test facilities of electron and ion beam equipment manufacturers.

Its magnetic field, vibration and acoustic analysis systems have been adopted as standard equipment for the conduct of site surveys by leading equipment manufacturers. They also provide the data for Spicer Consulting’s own pre-installation and trouble shooting services.

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SC11 Analysis System

Magnetic Field, Vibration and Acoustics-In-Depth analysis from the compact, all-in-one easy to use system.

The SC11 product range offers versatility for your measurement needs!


sc11basicsensorssmall  The basic SC11 System offers complete portability with self-contained power.

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 The SC11 Sensor Interface is able to run high precision sensors powered from the mains supply. 

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Combining the measurements and analysis of AC magnetic fields, vibrations and acoustics into one compact, easy to operate system, Spicer Consulting’s SC11 is the simplest way to gain accurate usable data from site surveys for SEMs and similar sensitive equipment.Based on a laptop computer and operating under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, the Spicer Consulting analysis system has revolutionised site surveys, becoming standard equipment for electron microscope and electron beam lithography instrument vendors and consultants. Fitting neatly into a carry case, the system is accurate, easy to operate with the minimum of training and produces results displayed graphically in a truly user friendly form.

Offering even more versatility the SC11 Sensor Interface system allows the choice of more sensors and usage possibilities. The mains powered interface allows the addition of the Spicer Consulting SC20 DC sensor, a high precision microphone and up to 3 accelerometers.

SC11 Applications

Surveys Designed with electron microscope and E-beam vendors and consultants in mind the SC11 provides all the features needed for site surveys in one simple, easy to use package.

The SC11 is ideal for making accurate surveys of magnetic fields, vibrations and acoustic levels. Before installing equipment such as a scanning electron microscope (SEM) it is advisable to survey the location first. In an environment where there are many pieces of equipment, power cables and air handling units it is difficult to judge in advance whether there could be problems. You can use the SC11 system to survey the magnetic field, vibration and sound levels to make sure that they are within specification at the proposed site for the SEM. With the latest software, you can load the SEM specifications into the spectrum analyser for quick comparison with your measurements. The industry standard 1/3 octave analysis feature is useful in this application.

Trouble shooting The magnetic field sensor is very sensitive, so it allows you to pin-point sources of magnetic fields, such as transformers, motors and poorly installed power cables. The oscilloscope and the spectrum analyser enable you to see the waveforms and frequencies of the field, which can be very helpful in identifying its source. You can use the same techniques for vibrations and sound levels.

Analysis You can directly compare the magnetic fields with accelerometer or sound waveforms using the oscilloscope or the chart recorder. Also for example, you can connect the auxiliary input to the video output of an SEM in spot mode to compare magnetic fields with the movement of the electron beam. You can use the SC11 chart recorder to trace intermittent sources of magnetic fields, vibrations or acoustic levels. For example, you can chart the floor displacement or use the narrow band filter to log the magnitude of a known-frequency vibration over a long period. You can use the extended low frequency mode to monitor long term magnetic field fluctuations. This can help you to identify fields due to the movement of such things as steel doors, lifts, trains and trams. 

Sensor Calibration

The calibration of the magnetic field sensor is NAMAS traceable. The accelerometer is supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. Spicer Consulting provides a re-calibration service for the entire system.


All the virtual instruments can load and save their control settings to named files so that they can be quickly configured for standard measurements. User-defined units may be entered for use with other sensors connected to the auxiliary input.

SC20 Magnetic Field Cancellation


The SC20 is the latest magnetic field cancelling system from Spicer Consulting, introduced in 2004. The SC20 is the recommended system for cancelling DC fields. The system can provide AC or DC cancelling depending on the sensors installed. It recognises the sensors used and selects the internal filters to use.

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SC22 Magnetic Field Cancellation System


The SC22 is a fourth generation Magnetic Field Cancelling System. The system is dynamic, automatically responding to field changes within 100 µs and AC Line fields (50/60 Hz) are reduced by 50x. The SC22 does not cancel DC field changes from sources such as elevators, trains and traffic. The more powerful SC20 system is available to cancel both AC and DC fields.


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