Welcome to OctaLAB !

OctaLAB , a young and dynamic company founded in 2008, with its main objective to provide superior and advanced scientific instruments and software ,well known in the electron microscope market, to research institutions and high technological companies.


OctaLAB works very closely with OEM manufacturers and specialist in this field, to provide you with a more reliable instrument and software that surpass your expectations.


OctaLAB operates mainly in Singapore and other ASEAN countries but not restricted to these. Sales and service support on some products are also provided to customers outside ASEAN territory. At the moment, we have a few new equipment that are exclusive to our distribution and our team is constantly reviewing the market demand and building up product range to suit customer’s needs. We will ensure that a continuous flow of innovative products are brought to our customers from time to time.


OctaLAB understand that success will be based on thoroughly understanding and responding to the needs of our customers. We will strive to upgrade, expand and improve our network of services in the region to achieve our mark as a reliable and leading company.

Featured Products

  • TemCam F816

    TemCam-F816 is the first digital camera with a larger image area than film.


    Evactron® RF plasma cleaner removes atmospheric molecular contamination, improves scanning electron microscope (SEM) performance. Cleans and removes oils and other hydrocabon from all vacuum chambers for clean images.